Is social media killing off traditional media? ROKK Vice President John Brandt argues that if anything, it is transformative rather than destructive. Speaking at an event for the National Lieutenant Governors Association, Brandt laid out the importance of a well-managed social media strategy, and how it can be used to further strategic communications goals.

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The recent return of a full White House briefing room is the surest sign yet that Washington is getting back to normal.

With the explosive growth of virtual meetings during the pandemic, many American industries were fundamentally transformed during the COVID crisis. While some sectors will be permanently changed, that likely won’t include Washington Inc…

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With American adults spending over 2 hours per day on social media sites, businesses are no longer just anonymous entities that supply goods and services.  They are influencing people on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, participating in conversations with clear personalities while expressing opinions. And increasingly, these engagements include expressions of social, and even, political values. But many corporations have felt the sting of saying the wrong thing– everything from speaking up too late to not speaking up at all to speaking up too soon, too loud, or with an unpopular opinion. Co-founding partner Ron Bonjean and strategic advisor Steve Rochlin share their best practices for businesses considering a forward-leaning position in politics, policy or on a social issue.

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At some point, every company that produces consumer or commercial products will face questions or a crisis related to the effectiveness or safety of what they sell.  While recalls are by definition unexpected, organizations can take steps to shorten their duration and lessen their impact. SVP Mark Paustenbach and VP John Brandt share five things to remember before, during and after an incident with O’Dwyers.

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It’s been a tumultuous year. If one thing has become clear between a once-in-a-century global pandemic, a nationwide reckoning over racial injustice and the 2020 presidential election, it’s that equitable solutions need to be prioritized. This includes continuing the fight for pay equity to close the gender pay gap in America.

Ironically landing during Women’s History Month, today we also recognize the 25th National Equal Pay Day and how there is still a significant disparity in how men and women are paid simply because of their gender…

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During COVID, it’s no secret that many professionals have more time on their hands given non-existent morning routines, 15-30 second commutes to and from work and lack of social events. In turn, digital content consumption has soared (more than doubled actually) and PR pros have garnered particular affinity to regular e-newsletter consumption as the platform as a whole continues to thrive. HubSpot reported 73% of millennials prefer communications from businesses to come via email and 78% of marketers have seen an increase in email engagement over the past year.

Here are six inspiring newsletters recommended for all you current and future district PR lady bosses out there…

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SVP of Digital, Rachel Winer, shared her insights with Morning Consult on the first-ever digital presidential transition

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ROKK Solutions teammates Sammie Yeager and Lindsay Singleton share their perspectives on the Schitt’s Creek approach to communicating on challenging topics.

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For those that missed SVP Rachel Winer’s panel at Creator Connections 2020, her top takeaways on how influencer marketing has evolved during the COVID-19 pandemic are available in this LinkedIn article.

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By understanding the criteria most commonly used to build investment funds and how key stakeholders are consuming this information, businesses can elevate their profiles and tap into the opportunity space ESG investing has created. Their goal is to identify an engagement strategy that allows their business to do well (with investors) while doing good.  Get more from Managing Director Lindsay Singleton in this op-ed for Fortune.

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