ROKK Solutions Partner Kristen Hawn and Daily Mail columnist Meghan McCain discuss the media’s ongoing criticism of Elon Musk and his recent decision to reinstate several banned Twitter accounts here.

In the run-up to the midterm elections, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and aspiring committee chairmen Reps. Jim Jordan of Ohio and James Comer of Kentucky promised MAGA fans they’d dig into President Joe Biden, his scandal-plagued son Hunter Biden, current Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Attorney General Merrick Garland, FBI director Chris Wray, and other perceived political enemies if they regained power. Now that they’re just weeks away from assuming control with a razor-thin majority, many say House Republicans must exercise some restraint even though the base and some of the conservative media are going to be thinking otherwise.  

ROKK co-founding partner Ron Bonjean spoke on why striking the right balance would be mission-critical. Get the full story here.

ROKK Solutions Partner Kristen Hawn and Brendan Buck, Partner at Seven Letter, join Joe Mathieu on Bloomberg’s “Balance of Power” political panel to discuss President Trump’s recent square-off with the DOJ. Watch the first part of the panel here and continue watching the discussion here.

Georgia’s Senate runoff is three weeks away, and Democrats are hoping big names like former President Obama could help put incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock (D) over the top against GOP candidate Herschel Walker. While Obama has not officially announced a return to Georgia, one source said the former president is likely to return to the campaign trail for Warnock. 

In this HILL article, ROKK co-founding partner Rodell Mollineau discussed why having Obama as a surrogate is huge for Warnock.

In this Bloomberg political panel, ROKK partner Kristen Hawn and Lisa Camooso Miller, former Communications Director for the Republican National Committee, discuss Senate leadership with Sen. Scott challenging Sen. McConnell for GOP Senate Leader. Watch the first part of the panel here and continue watching the discussion here.

With Republicans closing in on a narrower-than-expected majority in the U.S. House of Representatives, their leader Kevin McCarthy took a step towards a job he has long coveted – speaker of the House. In this Reuters article, ROKK co-founding partner Ron Bonjean shared his take on what the position would actually mean for Kevin McCarthy.

ROKK co-founding partner Ron Bonjean sat down with NPR’s Mary Louise Kelly to talk about the future of the Republican Party after the midterms, looking ahead to the 2024 election. Listen to the conversation here.

Gov. Ron DeSantis’s huge win in Florida, a standout for Republicans amid disappointments, is fueling a surge in support for his presidential prospects from party leaders, donors and activists in the GOP’s Donald Trump-averse wing. In the wake of DeSantis’s win, fresh attacks from the former president have surfaced, prompting some Republicans to more openly call for the party to move past former president Trump. In this article, ROKK co-founding partner Ron Bonjean discusses whether Florida Governor Ron DeSantis should engage in counterattacks and respond to the attacks that Trump is trying to escalate. Read the full story here.

The wave that hit state government elections this year had mostly to do with cementing single-party control. In this op-ed, ROKK Senior Vice President James Nash discusses this trend that’s keeping good candidates on the sidelines, flawed ones in office and eroding checks on power. Take a look, here.

Co-founding ROKK Partner Ron Bonjean joins BBC World News to discuss Florida Governor Ron DeSantis and his future leadership aspirations as the midterm election results continue to come in. Watch the segment here.