Less than a year following the 2020 election, some people in Baltimore are eyeing a run in three years and say a lack in current leadership is the reason to get involved. Most of the people on the November 2020 ballot were elected in a landslide and some rode the wave of incumbency right into City Hall. But Co-founding Partner Rodell Mollineau says there is no surefire way to beat an incumbent. Read more from Mollineau in this article from Fox 45 News in Baltimore.

Consultants are pitching more granular approaches to advocacy as broad, big-ticket legislation moves through Congress.

Since the start of the year, consultants working in the space have been talking about how Washington is now experiencing a boom time for advocacy. It’s partly down to the new Biden administration in the White House and Democratic takeover of Congress, but also because of the scale of the legislation now moving through the Capitol.

In this Campaigns & Elections article, Co-Founding Partner Ron Bonjean shares his perspective on the role data will play in advocacy communications strategies- read it here.

Former NRCC Communications Director Matt Gorman and Democratic strategist and ROKK Partner Kristen Hawn discuss Big Tech and the potential difficulties with regulating them.

Watch the segment here.

As Donald Trump announces lawsuits against social media giants Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, Co-founding Partner Ron Bonjean joins BBC World News to discuss the communications strategy behind the former president’s recent activities.

Watch the segment here.

As social justice incidents and general discord and divisiveness across society have increased, a growing number of companies are feeling pressure both from their employees and their customers to take a stand and provide leadership.

It’s not enough to issue a statement and be on one’s way; as numerous polls have shown, today’s stakeholders want to see the companies that employ them and sell them products take real, tangible and measurable steps to affect social change.

In this article, Dan McCue from The Well News dives deep into this issue of social threats as operational risks, and ROKK’s social threat analysis and response (STAR) framework. Read the article here.

Co-founding Partner Ron Bonjean joined Sinclair Broadcast Investigative Reporter Paul Rosen to discuss former President Trump’s recent rally and the potential for a third presidential bid.

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Last week POLITICO Influence reported on a new public affairs firm aimed at helping companies respond to “woke” pressure campaigns. Now ROKK Solutions and management consultancy Impact ROI are teaming up to offer a different approach to help companies respond to various social issues that could affect their bottom lines.

Read more about the social threat response and analysis program here.

Co-founding Partner Kristen Hawn joins Fox News Anchor Charles Payne on “Your World” to discuss President Biden’s bipartisan infrastructure bill.

Read the transcript here.

Co-founding Partner Rodell Mollineau joined Sinclair Broadcast Investigative Reporter Paul Rosen to discuss the evolving role of Congressional leadership and censuring of elected lawmakers.

Watch the segment here.

The joint training exercise that was held Monday morning on the grounds of the U.S. Capitol underscored for business leaders the importance of testing their crisis management plans, policies, and procedures to ensure they will work when needed.

Today’s exercise yielded other critical lessons: the importance of preparing for the next crisis; testing crisis management plans, procedures, policies and response teams to ensure they will work when needed; and learning from your mistakes to help guarantee they are not repeated in the next crisis. Managing Director Lindsay Singleton shared her best practices for staying ready for crises over time. Get her thoughts here.