WASHINGTON EXAMINER: Pence tests appetite for old-school conservatism in Trump-era populist GOP

September 11, 2023

Former Vice President Mike Pence has centered his campaign around framing the choice for Republican voters as old-school conservatism versus populism.

Pence is confident that “Republican primary voters, caucusgoers in Iowa, are looking for a leadership in our party that can really bring America back, that can strengthen our military and ensure our security in an ever more dangerous world, that can revive our economy, put our nation back on the path to a balanced budget, and then can defend our liberties, and stand for the right to life.” For him, this means a Republican with clear-cut Reaganesque principles.

Will Pence’s approach be successful? Learn more and hear from ROKK’s Co-Founder and Partner Ron Bonjean in the full article from the Washington Examiner.