PROVOKE SUMMIT RECAP: Companies Need To Shape The Debate Around AI 

May 27, 2024

ROKK Co-Founders and Partners Ron Bonjean and Rodell Mollineau sat down with Paul Holmes, founder and chair of PRovoke Media, during their North American Summit in New York City to talk about how companies should navigate AI and other hot button issues in an election year. 

When it comes to determining the future of artificial intelligence, the American public believes that regulators might not be sufficiently informed and that companies might not have the public interest in mind, creating a complicated policy environment in which all parties need to work together.

In this discussion, they shared that the public doesn’t trust either legislators or companies to define the future of AI and that partnership is essential. “You’ve got a public that is both intrigued and to a certain extent inspired by what AI can do but skeptical of some of the actors. They believe that the government should have the leading role in shaping AI regulatory policy,” said Mollineau. Based on ROKK Solutions’ research with Penn State’s Smeal College of Business, voters believe that tech companies are smarter on AI than the government, however, “they are a little bit wary of whether or not tech companies will be good actors.”

When it comes to AI, it’s important that all parties with a stake in policy are included in the conversation around national policy. “This is an opportunity for both companies, for the private sector, and for the public sector to get together in real time and start figuring out what this framework looks like,” said Bonjean. 

While both partners agree that AI policy is unlikely to be created this year – an election year – it is going to start taking shape and those companies with a stake in the outcome of any policy debate need to be involved now to make sure that regulatory decisions are based on all the facts and all perspectives.

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