ABC NEWS – Democrats Risk Boxing Themselves in on Filibuster in 2024: Sources

June 14, 2024

Nearly every Democrat running in a competitive 2024 Senate race this year has backed reforming or abolishing the chamber’s filibuster. But Republicans are knocking at the door of their own Senate majority next year — leaving some Democrats eyeing the 60-vote rule as a key tool to block an agenda anathema to them.

Democratic operatives and Capitol Hill hands told ABC News that candidates risk boxing themselves in on the filibuster amid liberal hand wringing that a possible GOP Senate majority next year would push restrictions on abortion, voting rights and more, with nothing other than the arcane rule stopping them if Republicans win a trifecta in Washington this November.

ROKK Senior Vice President John LaBombard spoke to ABC News about the protection of the filibuster coming out of the election in November.

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