THE DISPATCH: How Trump and Biden’s Legal Troubles Could Play Into Their Debate

June 24, 2024

It’s been more than 1,300 days since Joe Biden and Donald Trump last met in a televised debate, and a lot has happened since. Biden won the presidential election. Trump supporters stormed the Capitol to stop the counting of electoral votes. Trump was impeached and acquitted for a second time. Inflation went up, the Afghanistan withdrawal went poorly, and the COVID-19 pandemic eventually got under control. There have been indictments, criminal and civil trials, convictions—and that’s just Trump. Hunter Biden, too, has been convicted of three gun-related felonies and faces a trial on tax charges in the fall. Oh, and each party’s presumptive nominees have gotten four years older.

ROKK Co-Founder and Partner Rodell Mollineau spoke to The Dispatch about how Biden should navigate the upcoming presidential debate.

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