Cybersecurity Communications


Introducing… GROKK

Smart communication strategies for security incidents

On average, a company’s share prices will fall 7.27% after a data breach.


And with so many businesses turning to remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s just a matter of time before a security incident comes to light in your company.  And everyone else’s.


But your organization doesn’t have to live in fear of discovering an incident.  With the right communications planning, it’s possible to minimize share price impacts and reputational damage.

Be Proactive

Timely, accurate communications are key to successful security incident strategies.

So why don’t more companies have a communications plan ready to go?


Proactively build relationships and a messaging platform in the media around security and safety.


Develop a cross-functional plan for communications in the event of an incident.


Have our team on standby to snap into action if a security incident occurs.

Break Through the Noise.