THE HILL: Democrats See Conflicting Messages as Biden Polls Lag, Party Wins Big

November 9, 2023

Democrats are dealing with conflicting messages ahead of next year’s presidential race, as recent polls prompt worries about President Biden’s reelection bid — and his party notches key election wins across the country.

For some, the Democratic wins are a reason not to pay too much attention to polls one year out from Election Day 2024. As voters cast their ballots in a smattering of off-year races Tuesday, the Biden reelection campaign released a memo to news outlets downplaying poll results that showed Biden trailing former President Trump, the front-runner of the GOP primary field, in several battleground states.

ROKK Co-Founder and Partner, as well as Democratic strategist, Rodell Mollineau, spoke to The Hill on what the public should take away from these polls.

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