THE ASSOCIATED PRESS: Vivek Ramaswamy Struggles to Gain Traction with Iowa Republicans as Critics Question His Path Ahead

November 21, 2023

While Ramaswamy is packing his schedule with stops across Iowa, including multiple events on Tuesday and Wednesday, he has failed to move up in the 2024 Republican primary race and is increasingly at risk of becoming an afterthought. He is polling in the mid to high single digits and has left critics asking what his endgame is or if he is staying in the race only to boost former President Donald Trump.

After an earlier flurry of attention, the 38-year-old biotech entrepreneur and first-time political candidate is gaining more notice over his debate provocations than for signs that his campaign is resonating with voters.

ROKK Co-Founder and GOP strategist Ron Bonjean spoke to The Associated Press about Ramaswamy’s position in the Republican presidential candidate field. Read the full article here.