FINANCIAL TIMES: The Donald Trump show: will the chaos help or hinder?

August 9, 2023

The former president will be in the dock in multiple trials next year while simultaneously trying to win a new term in the White House. Ron Bonjean, Co-Founder and Partner at ROKK Solutions, offered the following to the Financial Times, “Most voters do not want to relive the last presidential election, but this will be like the last presidential campaign on steroids, and nitroglycerine.” 

He also noted that Trump, “needs to be talking about the future of the country and how he will help Americans solve their problems while at the same time managing his own legal peril . . . and he historically does not like to stay on message,” says Bonjean. “The danger for him is that this could be a grievance campaign instead of one that shows a vision better than Biden’s.”
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