Lindsay Singleton

Senior Vice President

Lindsay Singleton is a communications strategist with over a decade of international government and private sector experience. At ROKK Solutions, she drives creative and bi-partisan comms solutions for clients and has scored a number of wins in corporate social responsibility, criminal justice, and foreign policy. Prior to joining ROKK Solutions, Singleton oversaw communications for overseas programming at the Department of Justice. Her work spanned legislative advocacy, anti-corruption and anti-gang efforts, and security assistance, and helped gain significant press coverage of DOJ’s work in Central America. Singleton also served for DOJ in Mexico City, where she oversaw all public affairs and community outreach efforts related to Mexico’s historic justice reform and anti-human trafficking efforts.


Singleton previously represented the United States overseas as a Foreign Service Officer. Through building relationships with foreign leaders, Ms. Singleton helped shape and implement U.S. policy on a broad range of issues, including the rule of law, North Korea, and the Arab Spring. Her work also included managing the crisis response to the WikiLeaks scandal on behalf of the U.S. Embassy in Caracas, Venezuela. Prior to this role, Ms. Singleton advised senior officials on international energy policy issues at the Department of Energy.


Singleton holds a B.A. and M.A. in International Affairs from George Washington University. She is fluent in Spanish and Italian and proficient in Russian.