Rebuilding and Elevating


Rebuilding and Elevating


A government tasked with recovering from a major natural disaster desperately needed financial resources to adequately respond to its people.


Limited personnel to shape positive narratives and respond to negative media attention created an additional hurdle to attracting investors and receiving assistance.


ROKK Solutions was asked to conduct a comprehensive communications audit followed by design and implementation of a far-reaching strategic plan focused on proactive story-telling and crisis mitigation.


ROKK Solutions put the strategic plan to work by increasing media awareness of the government's dire need for assistance, pushing back against false narratives regarding local financial mismanagement and highlighting examples of good governance.


The government now has a well-coordinated communications operation established and managed by ROKK that can respond quickly to a crisis and proactively create positive story opportunities. Based on the turnaround in public perception, the government has received nearly $16 billion in emergency disaster relief and experienced a marked uptick in investment.

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