Fighting Against the Grain


Fighting Against the Grain


A national air transportation stakeholder opposed a sweeping and widely-popular legislative effort to privatize the nation's air traffic control (ATC) system.


Many other interests supported the bill and promised to spend millions of dollars on lobbying and advertising in support.


ROKK Solutions was asked to design a public affairs strategy to counter the political momentum of the legislation by highlighting the dangers of air traffic privatization.


ROKK Solutions conducted high-level media education, convened editorial board meetings, leveraged stakeholder voices and generated extensive written materials for rapid response. Our digital advertising strategy consisted of targeted grassroots/grasstops activation in key markets with soft support for privatization.


By sounding alarms early, and through methodic amplification of our message, support for the initiative waned. Lacking sufficient votes in Congress, efforts to privatize ATC were abandoned.

Break Through the Noise