WASHINGTON EXAMINER: GOP opening to link Democrats to ‘woke’ ESG investing

December 12, 2022

There is a new in-depth poll out on ESG investing, and just two things seem clear: most people don’t fully understand what environmental, social, and governance investing is and most are willing to give businesses the benefit of the doubt on what to do rather than OK government efforts to crack down on the new practice. But those trends are changing fast as Republicans get closer to controlling the House, and Wall Street is being forced to figure out the path that serves stockholders and the product-using public.

ROKK Solutions and Penn State’s Center for the Business of Sustainability partnered to survey 1,261 registered voters on ESG. They found that “hearings, legislation, lawsuits, and other forms of oversight are all on the Republican agenda, but companies have a small window to educate stakeholders on support for ESG and define it before it is defined for them.”

Read more about our groundbreaking study “Navigating ESG In The New Congress,” as reported by the Washington Examiner here.

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