USA TODAY: Was Silicon Valley Bank too ‘woke’? Why Republicans blame collapse on ‘diversity demands’

March 16, 2023

Republicans are blaming the nation’s second-largest bank failure on corporate “wokeness,” not lax regulation, ill-fated business decisions or panicked customers rushing to pull out their money.

There is no consensus among conservatives on what the GOP means by “woke” but it’s used as a catch-all term for identity and other liberal politics, including diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives in the corporate sector. 

Did environmental, social and governance principles cause the collapse? 

Environmental, social and governance principles had nothing to do with the bank’s failure, according to Lindsay Singleton, chief development officer of public affairs firm Rokk Solutions.

“Blaming the opposing political party will almost certainly win more votes than blaming a misunderstood investment framework,” Singleton said. Get the full story here.

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