NEWSWEEK: CEO Exploring Presidential Run Could Deliver Blow to DeSantis’ Ambitions

February 13, 2023

Vivek Ramaswamy—the multimillion-dollar biotech investor and so-called “CEO of Anti-Woke Inc.”—traveled to Iowa to hawk his platform and test the waters of the viability of a 2024 presidential bid with heartland voters. His trip was steeped in the type of rhetoric that dripped with grievance toward the dangers of “wokeism” and the broad banner of environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing that he helped bring to a place of prominence in the vernacular of insider conservative politics.

Though topics like ESG have become common fare on pundit-dominated panels and the timelines of the extremely online, relatively few investors have actively heard of the term, making the public’s understanding even less likely.

In fact, a survey by ROKK Solutions with a team of researchers from Penn State University found that a majority of Republican voters (56%) felt there should not be government oversight over investor strategies because they felt companies should be able to make ESG decisions without government interference.

Get more on this in Newsweek and don’t forget to check out ROKK’s full ESG report, “Navigating ESG in the New Congress,” here.

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