Across the Aisle: Unlocking the Bipartisan Power of ESG

October 25, 2021

Although it has many different uses, at its core ESG forms the foundation of a company’s social responsibility and can be used as a measure of their commitment to it.

With the rising expectations for companies to create a positive impact on society from a variety of stakeholders and brands increasingly taking public stands on critical societal issues, understanding ESG is more crucial now than it has ever been. Yet, there is very little understanding of how views of ESG correlate to political beliefs. This report seeks to clarify public opinion on ESG issues across party lines, the impact of these efforts on constituent behavior, and how corporations can use ESG efforts to more effectively engage with stakeholders to advance public policy goals. Insights gained from this study provide surprising evidence of the bipartisan support for ESG efforts. 

Download the report to see what we found, and how it can apply to your organization.

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