Mollineau — Court Vacancy Marks Final Clash for Reid, McConnell

Mollineau — Court Vacancy Marks Final Clash for Reid, McConnell

Real Clear Politics
March 7, 2016

Reid’s strategy is to mount significant public pressure on Republicans and force them to change their position. In addition to speaking about the court’s vacancy in every speech on the Senate floor, Reid and his fellow Democrats have held one press conference on the steps of the Supreme Court and another with members of the Congressional Black Caucus. Plus outside groups have delivered petitions to the Republican leader urging him to take up the nomination.

Their general message is a simple one: “Do your job.”

“Do your job is a hell of a lot better message than some of the verbal linguistics that Republicans have been trying to attempt,” said Rodell Mollineau, a former communications aide to Reid.

The Nevada Democrat also has tied the vacancy to Donald Trump, the GOP front-runner for the presidential nomination, suggesting that Senate Republicans are waiting to “see what President Trump’s going to do.”

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