Kristin Wilson

Senior Vice President

Kristin Wilson

Senior Vice President

Kristin starts her job by posing the same question every child asks of their parents: Tell me a story. A veteran journalist and television news producer, Kristin has spent her career telling people not only what they need to know, but why they need to know it. And with 28 years covering the nation’s capital, the nation’s Capitol and across 49 states – still looking at you, Alaska – she has been telling America what their leaders are doing in D.C., while making sure those same leaders know what the American people need from them.

As Senior Vice President at ROKK, Kristin is a fixer. She’ll take the often complex, sometimes confusing and, when it comes to Congress, typically arcane language and translate it all into a simple, easy-to-understand story. And she’s a seer. She can tell you what motivates a newsroom, what makes them want your story and how she can deliver it.

Kristin has spent the past 13 years serving as the Supervising Producer for CNN, the last seven running the network’s coverage of Capitol Hill and Congress. She’s covered political campaigns, presidential elections, national tragedies, environmental disasters, wars, and told thousands of stories of everyday Americans that, together, form the rich tapestry of the country.



She’s Aaron Sorkin.

Kristin can take you into The Newsroom. She knows what drives the editorial, she can tell you what they’re talking about, and how to make them talk about your project. She knows the dialogue, the actors, and can write the script.


She’s also Spock.

In those times of urgency, and especially when things look like they could be going off the rails, she’s calm and cool under pressure, brings logic and a voice of reason, and gets the job done.


She loves Venn Diagrams

She loves making connections between seemingly unconnectable things. She can find commonalities, and build a strategy tailor made to any project.



Born and raised on the Texas border city of El Paso, the daughter of a native Scotsman. Expert tortilla maker. I’ll tell you all about it over a cuppa tea.


East of Eden, by John Steinbeck. My son, Samuel, was named after the main character.


Dogs, two. Lily and Cowboy. Yes, named for the greatest football team ever. You know it’s true.


She can watch four televisions at once and tell you what’s happening on all of them. She also watches way too much CSPAN.