Keep on Top of the Changing Media Landscape: What Does it Mean for Your Communications Strategy?

Keep on Top of the Changing Media Landscape: What Does it Mean for Your Communications Strategy?


The world of journalism has never been as dynamic as it is today and organizations need to stay one step ahead when it comes to developing a communications plan to drive effective outcomes.

The number of journalists of “legacy” publications continues to shrink, while the number of alternative news outlets and authors is skyrocketing, according to a new in-depth report.  This means that organizations conducting public affairs campaigns have added opportunities to achieve messaging objectives.

As the Number of Reporters Shrinks, the Number of Lower Tier News Outlets Grows

According to a new study by the data science company Onclusive, the past year showed that the ranks of professional journalists who contributed for top publications continues to decrease, and a spike in the percentage of lndependent authors who contribute to the growing list of independent, niche content sites and blogs.

Surprisingly the top outlet by volume is Medium, a “social journalism” site that allows anyone to write on any topic. While name brand publications still provide maximum media exposure and dominate the landscape, new platforms like this can be leveraged as part of your communications strategy.  We have seen a number of organizational leaders such as Jeff Bezos of Amazon utilize this platform to control and drive a message across digital and traditional media outlets.

Web content in your organization’s voice and reflecting your priorities is a product that can be repackaged in a myriad of ways. LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are just the beginning of how self-published platforms could be used to further your messaging; it can be provided in communications to stakeholders and can even be used in traditional pitches to provide context to journalists and help you clinch that top-tier piece.

New Opportunities to Create a Messaging Snowball Effect

The increasing numbers of outlets are focused on a widening range of topics that create more opportunities for organizations to elevate their point of view.  According to the study, there are thousands to hundreds of thousands of voices writing about issues from biotech to business, and niche issues like information technology and healthcare with a large number of dedicated reporters.  By harnessing the power of these niche media publications and writers, you can craft your message to a narrow and well-defined target audience. The coverage these voices offer can then be used to attract the attention of larger national publications.

Why Should Focus Resources on New Platforms?

Through the use of web content for social media campaigns on a budget, you can effectively connect to your stakeholders and offer an in-depth analysis of your priority issues.  By investing your resources in a strategic mix of both new and legacy outlets, there is a stronger likelihood of a successful communications outcome.



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