Bonjean: A Scramble For Cash In Senate Races

Bonjean: A Scramble For Cash In Senate Races

NPR Weekend Edition
May 6, 2018

PETER OVERBY, BYLINE: It’s a grand time to be a Democratic Senate candidate. Democrats have already reached 80 percent of their final Senate fundraising total for 2016. Republicans are lagging at 60 percent. That’s according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics. Republican strategist Ron Bonjean said Democrats are doing a great job bringing in the cash.

RON BONJEAN: There’s absolutely no question about it. At the same time, outside groups that are loyal to Republicans are also raising money hands over fists.

OVERBY: For Republicans, the not-so-secret weapon is the large number of conservative outside groups, superPACs and nonprofit organizations backed by wealthy, often anonymous donors. But Bonjean said the GOP candidates shouldn’t count on them.

BONJEAN: Republican candidates need to step up and raise as much money as possible and not get into a false sense of security that these groups are going to be there to save the day.

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