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What We Do

Strategic Counsel

We bring years of corporate, government and political experience to help craft communications campaigns for industries, associations and coalitions around public policy objectives. The breadth of experience at our firm brings valuable relationships, insight, knowledge and skill. This experience enables us to assist clients with strategic long-range positioning along with immediate guidance for the present day.

Strategic Communications

Working in top positions for both political parties, our partners bring a campaign approach to helping clients affect public policy. We offer a real understanding of how the media will cover issues and events. Careful planning, perfect timing and flawless execution are keys to success. We will assist clients in designing an effective blueprint to implement their communications and public policy objectives.

Media Relations

We have decades of combined experience and a myriad of relationships working with national media, trade reporters as well as regional and state level press. Our team will help educate reporters on your issues, place important news stories in key markets and become a crucial resource for the press to turn to for new information.

Crisis Management

Our team has significant experience managing some of the toughest corporate, government and political crises in a generation. Our firm has the knowledge and background to help you anticipate, plan and recover from the worst scenario. Reputation management means we will get you out of the news as quickly as possible or get you in the news when you are trying to rebuild your brand.

Digital Advocacy

More and more campaigns are being fought in the online world and the process starts with solid infrasructure. Our experienced team can build state-of-the-art websites, develop a comprehensive social media presence, target your desired audience with effective online advertising and produce high quality videos. We not only have the ability to offer the technical support for building a first-class digital campaign, but also the experience to help you integrate it within your larger narrative. From public affairs campaigns for Fortune 500 companies to some of our country’s top political races, our experienced team will work with you to build the brand that you want.

Litigation Communications

Oftentimes the court of public opinion can be just as important as the courtrooms where legal battles are fought. Our team is ready to assist in developing a communications strategy that can enhance and become an integral part of a legal strategy. This is true especially in cases where managing risk or protecting reputations are at stake. Defining the media ground in a 24-7 news environment on which legal proceedings are being reported should be an effective tool for any in-house or outside counsel.

Media Training

With any campaign, crisis or a simple interview opportunity, companies or organizations should be ready to engage directly with the media. Executives and spokespeople must deliver effective communications that will resonate with the public. Our team can provide thorough preparation through training for any situation such as a tough reporter interview, a TV satellite tour, speech delivery or that critical board presentation.

Content Development

Our firm is ready to assist clients with developing important content that will serve as the foundation for a communications campaign. Our team will help clients develop opinion pieces, talking points, frequently asked questions and answers sheets, power point presentations and additional communications materials to ensure that any media campaign is well prepared.