Mollineau — Clinton’s Debate Showing May Spell Trouble for Biden

October 14, 2015

Rodell Mollineau, a veteran Democratic strategist, told Business Insider that the idea Biden would now feel muscled out seemed ridiculous, considering the other obvious obstacles to a run.

“If you’re the vice president of the United States, it’s hard for me to think that a debate made you decide that you aren’t going to run,” Mollineau said.

Mollineau pointed out the more prescient hurdles: Money and organisation. Though the “Draft Biden” Super PAC has tried to lay the groundwork for Biden in case he decides to enter the race, the vice president has nothing that even resembles the national campaign organisation that Clinton has built up methodically. Her campaign has more than 500 staffers on its payroll, according to filings with the Federal Election Commission.

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