Mollineau — Do the Democrats Understand America’s New Racial Politics?

The New York Times
August 7, 2015

That view was echoed by Rodell Mollineau, who worked for years with Senator Harry Reid and is now a political consultant. “The activists at Netroots Nation were saying what many in the black community already think and feel, just more loudly,” Mollineau told me. “And you saw how, within minutes of that unplanned event, it totally dominated social media. If you’re a candidate and you’re tone-deaf to these dynamics, you’re going to face electoral problems.”

The African-American Republicans with whom I spoke saw an opportunity for G.O.P. candidates to cut into the black vote now that Obama is no longer on the ticket. “We think the African-American vote will be key in this election,” said Elroy Sailor, an adviser to Rand Paul. “The African-American community hasn’t been this politically engaged since the ’60s. President Obama did a really good job of energizing and mobilizing African-Americans. In this election cycle, however, we predict the Democrat nominee will not be able to take the African-American vote for granted.”

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