Mollineau — The Quiet Existential Crisis Of Moderate Democrats In Philadelphia

July 28, 2016

Multiple Democrats argued the country’s sharply divided political climate makes a move to the center difficult for Clinton — or, for that matter, Trump.

Democratic strategist Rodell Mollineau, who has worked for moderates like former Sen. Mark Pryor as well as Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, said moderates have little to worry from Clinton’s policy positions in the end. “I haven’t heard a Republican explain why her policy positions are bad. It’s all about the fact that she’s a woman who’s trying to get hers,” Mollineau argued of Republican opposition. And given the stark political divisions of the electorate, on issues like gun control “whether or not she moves further left on that issue, I don’t see that as a reason a Democrat would run away from her.”

Still, many Democrats believe Clinton will need to move to the middle. For instance, a Virginia Democratic operative — whose state will be one of the epicenters of this fall’s election — said while that there’s little Clinton can do to soften her image for most voters, on issues like infrastructure, small business assistance, and direct attacks on the NRA the campaign will likely pivot to a more traditional, centrist approach in the coming weeks.
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