Mollineau — Obama may need to calm Dem divides at Clinton convention

Washington Examiner
July 26, 2016

Democrats called for unity in their party Monday night, but after a day of protesting from Bernie Sanders supporters, it might be up to President Obama to actually deliver it when he speaks Wednesday night.

Hillary Clinton was booed repeatedly on the convention floor by supporters of Sanders who felt burned by the Democratic National Convention. The spectacle destroyed her campaign’s plan for a perfectly choreographed convention, and that’s why Obama speech to conventioneers is suddenly more important.

“Obama might end up being the most important surrogate for Clinton this week and throughout the campaign,” Democratic operative Rodell Mollineau told the Washington Examiner. “He will be able to mend some of wounds that might still be festering between the hardcore progressives and more mainstream Democrats.”

Clinton supporters are hoping that’s the case.

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