Mollineau: Is Draining Trump’s Swamp a Winning Message for Democrats in 2018?

May 22, 2018

“Washington, D.C., has been out of vogue for some time,” Rodell Mollineau, a partner at Rokk Strategies, a bipartisan political consulting firm, told Newsweek. “No one’s ever lost votes by bashing Washington.”

Mollineau thinks campaigning on repairing the country’s “broken political system,” taking “power back from special interests” and reviling Washington’s “business as usual”—all part of Democrats’ grand plan—could prove especially effective for first-time candidates, many of whom already see the benefit in portraying themselves as political outsiders in the current climate.

“I think this works better probably for challenger candidates running for the first time against sitting incumbents,” Mollineau said. “It’s much easier to rail against D.C. when you’re not a part of D.C.”

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