Mollineau — Demographics, Turnout, Key Races: What Political Analysts Are Watching on Election Day

November 7, 2016
The Wall Street Journal

Will the blue line in early voting hold? After months of Democratic officials fretting about voter enthusiasm, early-vote tallies suggest a cushion for Hillary Clinton in key battleground states.

In Florida, the number of Latino early votes as of recent days had by some estimates exceeded Hispanic early voting in the 2012 cycle, and about half of all registered voters in the state cast ballots early. Early voting in Miami-Dade, a majority-Hispanic county that President Barack Obama won by 24 points in 2012,rose 61% from 2012 and shattered the previous record for in-person early votes on a single day. Republicans’ only hope is to rack up votes in more traditionally red areas such as the panhandle and to do well enough in swing districts along the Interstate-4 corridor to close the gap.
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