Bonjean: What Voters Want to Hear from Trump’s State of the Union

Morning Consult
January 28, 2018

“With the tax reform package that passed and the fact that the stock market is doing so well, people are feeling pretty good,” said Ron Bonjean, a Republican strategist and co-founder and partner at Rokk Solutions, in a phone interview Wednesday. “The health care costs rising is a cause of concern.”

Bonjean, who helped lead the communications strategy for Neil Gorsuch’s successful Supreme Court confirmation last year, said he expects Trump to tout good news – the economy’s performance and the loss of territory for the Islamic State in the Middle East – as well as threats, such as North Korea.

Bonjean said he also anticipates immigration to be a “pretty big deal” in the speech, though he added he thinks Trump will save controversial jabs for his return to the White House or Twitter.

“I think he’ll feed red meat to the base once he’s finished,” Bonjean said.
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