Bonjean: What the Hell Just Happened in Virginia?

November 8, 2017

‘Congressional Republicans should see this as a warning shot’

Ron Bonjean is a Republican strategist and partner at ROKK Solutions

Democrats won because both Virginia and New Jersey are blue states, which Hillary Clinton carried during the 2016 presidential race. Virginia Democrats already have the governor’s mansion, as well as both Senate seats. More voters are registering blue than ever before in the Northern Virginia suburbs of Washington. In addition, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie achieved record low approval ratings amid his various scandals, virtually guaranteeing a Democratic win. These voters who elected Democratic governors last night were energized more than ever largely because of Trump’s victory and their fear of continued losses if they stayed home. Congressional Republicans should see this as a warning shot across their bow that GOP voter enthusiasm will surely suffer if they don’t have significant legislative wins such as tax reform to run on soon.

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