Bonjean: Ryan fights to keep tax cuts in spotlight

Bonjean: Ryan fights to keep tax cuts in spotlight

March 11, 2018
The Hill Newspaper

“While it can be very difficult to punch through the national media, highlighting the tax bill at a time when there are other issues dominating the news, it’s still important and really smart to stay on message regarding the importance of tax reform,” said Ron Bonjean, a Republican strategist who is an informal adviser to House and Senate GOP leadership.

Bonjean added that Ryan’s persistence in talking about the tax law may give him a chance of getting national media coverage on the issue but, more importantly, will help him get coverage of the topic in local news outlets in areas important to the midterms. And Bonjean also said that Ryan’s efforts are serving as an example for others in the GOP conference.

“By him flying the tax-reform flag constantly, members of the Republican conference will likely follow suit and carry their message back home themselves,” Bonjean said. “Because if the leadership isn’t doing it then the direction isn’t set and it becomes very confusing.”

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