Bonjean: Kavanaugh getting confirmation help from Senate ‘sherpa’ Jon Kyl

Fox News
August 14, 2018

“You can call it a sherpa, or a guide, or sensei, or a teacher or whatever it is but a sherpa is usually a guide, it’s somebody you’re looking to to help you go through the process” Ron Bonjean, who served as Kyl’s chief of staff, told Fox News. “When you have sherpa, it is not for the rest of your life. It is usually because you are on a trip and you need help getting from point A to point B.”Bonjean also worked on last year’s confirmation of Justice Neil Gorsuch, where former New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte was his sherpa.

“The confirmation process has turned into a political campaign for office and while you have judges that have brilliant legal minds, they are literally running for office for the first time,” Bonjean said. “And having a sherpa or a campaign manager help them go through the process is extremely useful.”

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