Bonjean: In Davos, Trump looks to sell ‘America First’ to global elite

NBC News
January 25, 2018

“The White House believes ‘America First’ doesn’t necessarily mean ‘America Alone,’” veteran GOP strategist Ron Bonjean told NBC News, echoing a talking point frequently used by chief White House economic adviser Gary Cohn. “That, I think, is going to be their big selling point with this appearance.”

Going to Davos — a trip no sitting American president has made since Bill Clinton went in 2000 — isn’t likely to offend Trump voters or be seen as as contradiction of their values, said Bonjean.

“Even though the Trump base enjoys ‘America First,’ they still want to see him on a world stage. By doing this, Trump not only accomplishes that, but also will benefit from having the commanding presence he’ll achieve just by appearing with world leaders,” Bonjean said.

“No other president has done this in nearly 20 years. He enjoys that,” Republican strategist Bonjean said. “Obama didn’t do it, and of course he enjoys being able to do anything and everything he can that departs from Obama.”

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