Bonjean: Constrained From Fighting, Trump Is Left a Spectator With Kavanaugh in Peril

September 23, 2018
New York Times

“You’re dealing with two different worlds,” said Ron Bonjean, a Republican consultant and former Senate aide who helped shepherd the confirmation of Neil M. Gorsuch, Mr. Trump’s first Supreme Court nominee, last year. “Senators McConnell and Grassley both know that they need Senators Murkowski and Collins to get across the line, and if they decided to put their foot on the accelerator and just hold the vote, that could backfire.”

“If you’re President Trump, there’s good reasons for being frustrated by the delay,” Mr. Bonjean added, noting that many conservative activists believe that the Democrats backing Dr. Blasey are playing “a stalling game” designed to provide time to unearth more allegations against Judge Kavanaugh or further discredit him.

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