Monthly Archives: November 2016

November 20, 2016 The Hill Newspaper Lawmakers talk about repealing tax breaks in order to pay for reducing rates. But there are supporters of those tax breaks and they are gearing up to fight back if those are threatened. “This

November 11, 2016 The Washington Examiner Former Bush administration official Ron Bonjean, a co-founder of Rokk Solutions public affairs, said the situation is a repeat of when President Obama won in 2008. “Lots of Bush aides moved back to Texas

November 9, 2016 Politico SPOTTED at ROKK Solutions Election Day Happy Hour with partners Ron Bonjean, Brian Walsh and Rodell Mollineau: Sara Bonjean, Rose Strategies; Veronica Walsh; Sheena Arora, Revolution Agency; Robert Zirkelbach, PhRMA; Katie Zirkelbach, Chamber Hill Strategies; Jeff

November 3, 2016 The Washington Examiner “If you combine the bad news about Obamacare with the FBI investigation, it’s a pretty toxic combination that is having a negative effect on the Clinton campaign across the country,” said Republican strategist Ron Bonjean.